Pull Down My Panties

Being one of those men who likes to wear panties, I'm often mulling over some of the delights of wearing panties. Strangely enough, although I love the feel of panties on my body, I also love the feeling of my panties being pulled down, when I do it, or even more when my wife does.

There's nothing quite like having an adoring woman tugging at your pretty panties and exposing your manhood for her attentions, I can tell you that much for sure. I don't know when I first cottoned on to this feeling, but my strongest and earliest memory of having my panties pulled down was on our honeymoon. It was incredibly romantic to hold my beautiful wife in my arms (yes, she reads this blog *wink*), and pull her panties down whilst she pulled mine down too.

I tell you, if you haven't tried this with your partner, it's a must do!