A Lingerie Discovery...

I'm pretty lucky being able to wear lingerie the way I do, but not all guys are quite as lucky. Women troubles are a big reason why a lot of guys get grief about their lingerie collections. Hell, I've experienced my share of it in the past. If you're still in that boat, this site he wears panties is a great site actually written by a woman for men who wear lingerie. We have to encourage more women like this! ;)

Sexy Panties In The Bedroom

I admit it, I love my panties, just love them. Wearing them is the one break I get away from my manly duties each day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my manly duties, especially the ones in the bedroom, but sometimes it's nice to be able to feel a little softness, a slipping sensation of silk against my thighs as I lead my lovely lady into our chamber of love.

That's what she calls it anyway, I tend to be a little more crude about things, which she pretends to be offended by, but there's a special light in her eye that she only gets when I pin her down and say some of the dirtiest things you'll ever hear to her.

Is there any doubt as to who is the man in that bedroom? Hell no. We might both be wearing panties, but I'll tell you now, she responds the same way as if I were wearing a loin cloth and carrying a vine as a whip.

Pull Down My Panties

Being one of those men who likes to wear panties, I'm often mulling over some of the delights of wearing panties. Strangely enough, although I love the feel of panties on my body, I also love the feeling of my panties being pulled down, when I do it, or even more when my wife does.

There's nothing quite like having an adoring woman tugging at your pretty panties and exposing your manhood for her attentions, I can tell you that much for sure. I don't know when I first cottoned on to this feeling, but my strongest and earliest memory of having my panties pulled down was on our honeymoon. It was incredibly romantic to hold my beautiful wife in my arms (yes, she reads this blog *wink*), and pull her panties down whilst she pulled mine down too.

I tell you, if you haven't tried this with your partner, it's a must do!


I see this question quite a lot, and I can't answer for all women of course, in fact, one could say that I can't answer for any women at all. But none the less, I have had experience with several women in my life, and they've had a wide range of reactions to my wearing panties. Please note that these are not all women I have been intimate with, simply women who had some idea that I wore panties.

4 - Giggled and laughed (To be fair, for a couple of these women it was simply a matter of me pulling down my pants in a darkened corner of a bar and letting them see. By way of explanation, I was young and stupid.)

2 - Reacted in disgust (Mom and my first girlfriend. This is a good example of why mom isn't always right and why it's sometimes best that you don't marry your first love.)

3 - Kind of hesitant at first, but came around in varying degrees. These three were the middle ground and I am pretty sure some of them may have preferred that I didn't wear lingerie, but they didn't make a big deal out of it.

2 - Quite enthusiastic. Purchased me lingerie as gifts, were happy to experiment with lingerie in the bedroom.

1 - Loves it, buys it for me, buys matching sets for us, loves to make love with me wearing lingerie as much as she likes making love when I'm wearing a policeman's uniform costume. (This lady is now my wife. I know they say sex isn't everything, but the trials and tribulations of marriage are much easier to go through if you have a hot and adventurous partner.)


For a long time, I only wore panties in the privacy of my bedroom, where I could lock the door, and I knew that I would be alone. Wearing panties was a guilty little pleasure, something that I did in secret, something that I was, to be honest, afraid to be caught doing.

There's a certain pleasure in that of course, hiding away and indulging your fantasy, but after many years of always being a man in panties in hiding, I wanted to be a man in panties about town. I wanted to be able to go out wearing panties, rather than just hiding away with them.

It took a bit of courage on my part though, I can still remember the first day I stepped out onto the street wearing a bikini brief under my jeans. I had carefully chosen this particular pair of panties for their plain style (they were just black), and for the fact that if anyone spotted them, they might not realize that I was wearing women's underwear. At the time, there was a great deal of anti gay feeling in the air, and there were some very nasty attacks on men who were gay. Being caught in panties would have been a sure fire indicator for the sort of idiots who would attack gay men that I was gay, even though I wasn't.

So it was with a great deal of trepidation that I took those steps out of my bedroom, down the hall, and out the front door. I wore a long coat over my jeans, so realistically there was about 0 chance that I would ever be caught, but the thrill was still amazing. I am sure I had a big smile on my face all day. People commented to me about how happy I looked and asked what had happened. I don't remember how I answered them, I am sure it was some kind of lame lie, but it didn't matter. I was wearing my panties just as I wanted to, and where I wanted to, and that sense of freedom was amazing.


I've mentioned before how I was a college athlete, but what I didn't mention at the time was the fact that most of the time I was playing, I wished I could get away with wearing panties on the field. It was practically impossible of course, it's hard to hide anything in a locker room, and there was no way my teammates would have stood by and said nothing as I slipped into a lacy g string. So it was always an unrequited dream of mine to wear some sexy lingerie out on the field.

Although I never fulfilled that dream, I did come close to getting caught out by my teammates on at least one occasion. See, in some ways, wearing panties had become almost routine for me, and I would occasionally forget that it was something I had to hide. Before I would go get changed, I would have to slip my panties off and hide them somewhere. But one time, I wasn't all that good with the hiding part, and one of my team saw a scrap of sheer material sticking out from my bag, stuffed in my locker.

He pushed me aside and grabbed it out, twirling my pink panties above his head and crowing. "Johnny's got a layyyydeeee's panties," he boomed, stretching and mauling the panties between his clumsy fingers.

Well everyone had a good laugh and I got several high fives for managing to get the panties off a girl. I made up some story about one of the cheerleaders (sorry Sarah), and probably ruined her reputation in the process. Her denials that she'd never slept with me fell on deaf ears, and I think her boyfriend may even have broken up with her over the story.

It's amazing the amount of havoc a skimpy pair of panties can create.


Hi. My name is John, and I am one of the many men in the world who likes to wear women's lingerie. I've always worn women's lingerie, well, when I say always I mean since I was twelve and I finally got up the courage to snatch a pair of my sister's panties. I'd been jealous of them for years though, I'd see them hanging up on the line, so much prettier than my little man y fronts. I think I even asked my mom for the pretty panties when we were shopping in a department store once. I might have been 6 or 7 when I did that, but her reaction of shock and disgust was enough to teach me never to ask for anything like that again.

She must have been terrified that I would turn out to be gay, because she went out and brought me a new fire truck toy that same day, as well as a cap gun and a cowboy hat. I guess she preferred the idea of me growing up and shooting people to growing up effeminate.

I took the first step towards doing what I wanted with my life when I first sneakily put on my sister's panties and felt them grip me snugly almost just as I had imagined. Did I grow up effeminate or gay? I don't think so. I played college football, graduated and went on to work in the construction industry. My days are now split between the office and the construction site, and I wear panties each and every day. I am also a happily married man, with a wife who understands that I have certain needs.

Hopefully writing this blog will encourage other men to explore their desires without the fear that accompanies wearing panties.