For a long time, I only wore panties in the privacy of my bedroom, where I could lock the door, and I knew that I would be alone. Wearing panties was a guilty little pleasure, something that I did in secret, something that I was, to be honest, afraid to be caught doing.

There's a certain pleasure in that of course, hiding away and indulging your fantasy, but after many years of always being a man in panties in hiding, I wanted to be a man in panties about town. I wanted to be able to go out wearing panties, rather than just hiding away with them.

It took a bit of courage on my part though, I can still remember the first day I stepped out onto the street wearing a bikini brief under my jeans. I had carefully chosen this particular pair of panties for their plain style (they were just black), and for the fact that if anyone spotted them, they might not realize that I was wearing women's underwear. At the time, there was a great deal of anti gay feeling in the air, and there were some very nasty attacks on men who were gay. Being caught in panties would have been a sure fire indicator for the sort of idiots who would attack gay men that I was gay, even though I wasn't.

So it was with a great deal of trepidation that I took those steps out of my bedroom, down the hall, and out the front door. I wore a long coat over my jeans, so realistically there was about 0 chance that I would ever be caught, but the thrill was still amazing. I am sure I had a big smile on my face all day. People commented to me about how happy I looked and asked what had happened. I don't remember how I answered them, I am sure it was some kind of lame lie, but it didn't matter. I was wearing my panties just as I wanted to, and where I wanted to, and that sense of freedom was amazing.