I've mentioned before how I was a college athlete, but what I didn't mention at the time was the fact that most of the time I was playing, I wished I could get away with wearing panties on the field. It was practically impossible of course, it's hard to hide anything in a locker room, and there was no way my teammates would have stood by and said nothing as I slipped into a lacy g string. So it was always an unrequited dream of mine to wear some sexy lingerie out on the field.

Although I never fulfilled that dream, I did come close to getting caught out by my teammates on at least one occasion. See, in some ways, wearing panties had become almost routine for me, and I would occasionally forget that it was something I had to hide. Before I would go get changed, I would have to slip my panties off and hide them somewhere. But one time, I wasn't all that good with the hiding part, and one of my team saw a scrap of sheer material sticking out from my bag, stuffed in my locker.

He pushed me aside and grabbed it out, twirling my pink panties above his head and crowing. "Johnny's got a layyyydeeee's panties," he boomed, stretching and mauling the panties between his clumsy fingers.

Well everyone had a good laugh and I got several high fives for managing to get the panties off a girl. I made up some story about one of the cheerleaders (sorry Sarah), and probably ruined her reputation in the process. Her denials that she'd never slept with me fell on deaf ears, and I think her boyfriend may even have broken up with her over the story.

It's amazing the amount of havoc a skimpy pair of panties can create.